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FotoLum Testimonials

The City of Olathe Fire Department has chosen to utilize the photo luminescent and reflective helmet patches developed by FotoLum, Inc.

I have participated in evaluating the effectiveness of the FotoLum product. This evaluation process has included testing the product in a Class A Burn tower, and through actual use by Olathe firefighters. During this testing we evaluated several criteria:

1.           Visibility of the helmet patches in dark and smoke filled environments:
This was tested by having three firefighters enter the burn tower to evaluate the illumination characteristics of the helmet patches. The firefighters had on the following: standard reflective helmet patches, GlowFlex helmet patches and FotoLum helmet patches. As the firefighters moved throughout the dark building, only firefighters wearing the FotoLum patches were visible.

2.           Will the helmet patches stand up to elevated temperatures:
A fire helmet with a combination of standard reflective patches, GlowFlex patches and the FotoLum patches was placed in the bum room and exposed to fire conditions. The helmet was removed after an approximate temperature exposure of 400 F. Inspection of the patches did not show any visible alteration. The helmet was then returned to the fire room and was exposed to approximately 750 F. At this temperature the structural integrity of the helmet had been affected. All the helmet patches had been charred through resulting in the loss of illuminating characteristics. However, the FotoLum brand helmet patch was the only helmet patch that maintained its reflective characteristics.

As a result of the product testing and personal experience with the FotoLum brand photo luminescent helmet patches and vinyl, I would highly recommend the use of this product. The safety advantages offered by this product exceeds anything currently available.

Jack Holcom
Fire Captain/EMT
City of Olathe Fire Department


While working in the dark at a training session, my crew and I noticed that some of our fellow firefighters had some new type of reflective materials on their helmets and radios. This literally caught our eyes, as this was just about the only thing we could see during the session. This material glows in the dark and does not need a light shined on it to show up like our old reflective type stickers. The Captain said an area woman had "stumbled" onto this material while working on another project. It had been provided by a company named FotoLum.

In subsequent emergency situations over the past few months, the patches that were placed on the helmets and radios always caught our attention. During a recent grease fire in the kitchen area at a local restaurant, my crew was assigned to bring in a back-up line. The black smoke was banked down to the floor, making it difficult to see anything but the attack crew’s hose line lying on the floor. We entered the building and were attempting to find the attack crew, using a thermal imaging camera. As I was panning with the camera to my left, my peripheral vision caught sight of this reflective material from the attack crew’s helmets. They had entered into a space where my line of sight was partily blocked by boxes and other materials on storage racks. I had missed this area when I did my initial sweep of the room with the camera due to the material on the racks, but I was able to find them due to the “Glowing” FotoLum patches on their helmets through the openings between the boxes.

My crew and I are thoroughly convinced that these patches are a necessity for all firefighters to wear. They provide an excellent way to maintain contact with other firefighters in an emergency situation and add another safety feature that we did not have with our old reflective stickers.

Captain John Deiulio Q54
JAFF Local 254


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