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Specializing in high visibility products with our photo luminescent products with 3M™ Scotchlite™ reflective & photo luminescent Non Skid Tape and emergency stairwell Safety Products

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Fire Service Products

The G-50 series photo luminescent vinyl used in all fire service products complies with the NFPA 1971-2000 requirements for convective heat exposure, fluorescence, and retro-reflectivity. However, FotoLum™ products take safety to the next level by illuminating for hours in low light and dark conditions. Now entry team members can maintain visual contact without depending on a flashlight.


"I have been using the new helmet decals you gave us for a while now. I have had a chance to observe them at 2 fires that we had. In a dark smoke filled apartment fire we had, they were the only thing visible on the firefighters beside me. I have been impressed with their visibility and would recommend them to anyone interested in wearing them."
Roger Joyner
Driver Truck 57B

Performance comparison of FotoLum G-50 Series photo luminescent vinyl to a competitor’s brand. This example uses helmet patches but is representative of all FotoLum photo luminescent vinyl products.

FL Patch compare

Patch / vinyl will maintain the luminescence level shown above at 30 minutes for at least 8 hours.

This comparison is reproduceable. Expose patches for 5 minutes in full sunlight. Camera lens: 90 mm 1:35-5.6 • ISO: 800
• Aperture: f11 • Exposure: 8 seconds


Helmet Trapezoids

 Helmet Crescents

Helmet Numbers/Letters

 SCBA Cylinder Strips

 Equipment Strips

Click here for more information on ASTM, DIN, NFPA and OSHA standards.
3M™ Scotchlite™ Reflective To The Photo Luminescent Vinyl Products
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